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  1. HID vs LED pros and cons
  2. 15 brands LED headlight bulb shootout! Which id best?
  3. Halogen vs HID vs LED
  4. HID Kit Color Comparison Video Footage 3000K vs 6000K vs 8000K
  5. Illegal headlight conversions, some examples and why so crappy
  6. Morimoto mini Bi-Xenon projector headlights
  7. How to DIY 7x6 headlight to projector beams
  8. How to DIY making angel eyes
  9. How to DIY Making real prohjector headlights with high and low beams
  10. How to DIT making a custom panel from scratch
  11. How to DIY custom grill principles
  12. Gene Winfield chops a top in basement of Detroit Autorama
  13. Gene Winfield How to Lead techniques
  14. Gene Winfield 49 51 Merc chop top
  15. Legendary Gene Winfield shapes metal at SEMA
  16. Metal shaping with hand tools by Peter Tommasini
  17. Hand built shrinking machine by Peter Tommasini
  18. How to build a door skin by Peter Tommasini
  19. Steel welding by Peter Tommasini
  20. Metal shaping by Peter Tommasini Video
  21. Metal shaping by Peter Tommasini
  22. VW Bug rear engine restoration
  23. 1969 Chevrolet Project
  24. Tampa Racing Official Event Rally X at the FIRM
  25. Tampa Racing Official Event Track Attack
  26. DIY How to Clean an engine
  27. Eternal sunshine of the not-so-spotless shine
  28. Putting a street legal, insured body with a Vin number on a racing stock car chassis!
  29. 1954 Chevy Bel Air Restoration
  30. Restoration Project 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4
  31. 1970 Porsche 914 Restoration
  32. Making an invisible motorcycle gas tank
  33. How I wash cars
  34. How to wash your car before car meet
  35. How you should wash your car
  36. GT40 P/1046 wins "Restoration of the Year"
  37. Cleaning engine with Meguires cleaner and dressing
  38. Waterless engine cleaning and detailing
  39. Fastest but most dangerous engine detailing
  40. IY How to Clean an engine
  41. DIY How To installing side skirts and splitters
  42. Use the promo code HOT and get tickets to Hot Import Nights at about half price
  43. How to paint real flames
  44. How to airbrush real flames
  45. How to paint realistic flames
  46. How to Airbrush for beginners
  47. How to Airbrush for beginners
  48. Airbrush Cheap Tricks and Special Effects
  49. How to airbrush for the absolute beginner
  50. How to make an airbrush
  51. How to make a refillable spray can
  52. Art of Rechroming
  53. Hydrographics
  54. Prepping for Car Shows
  55. How to paint an entire motorcycle
  56. How to paint your wheels metallic and pearl
  57. How to paint two tone wheels
  58. How to make fiberglass door panels
  59. How to make a carbon fiber hood
  60. How to making a fiberglass race car dashboard
  61. How to build rear wing moldless foam core composite construction
  62. How to making a foam race car wing cutter
  63. How to making a race car wing part 2
  64. How to making a race car wing
  65. New Chrome Plating Shop.....Super Chrome Florida
  66. Marblizing
  67. Kameleon Kolors
  68. Kustom Painting Made Easy
  69. How To installing fender flares
  70. How To rolling fenders