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yeah, I drive a miata
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Originally Posted by Vegas View Post
...what about if you do have a decent amount of seat time?

Also, does the track design change?
What happens if you plow into a cone?

The civic posted looks like it was doing around 1min lap times... while the Sentra that won street class was around 56s (with a turbo, suspension, and kumhos).

I'd love to do sebring, but, the single day price of $275 is close to what it cost to run Laguna Seca.

Least this CFRC is close to what it cost to run Nurburgring (17euros/lap)
if you dont have a lot of seat time then you don't know what you are missing, so it is probably fun. Of course sebring is comparable to laguna seca, they are both international motorsport circuits.
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