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Arrow Nismokid's (Nick) Moderater Application

TR Username:


1993 Ford Ranger STX 4x4

Any specific car knowledge:

I first started my voyage at the age of 15 when I recived my first car, through help of my father that has been a mechanic for 30+ years as well as a mechanic in the USAF. I Graduated high school and recived a certificate from the state showing that I completed all 7 Automotive Mechanics classes during my 4 years. As well as learning from first hand experinces, and working for Xtreme 4x4 Automotive.

Forums you would like to moderate:

I would love to give a helping hand in the Truck Forum/ Truck for Sale. I understand that the Truck forum is not at a fast moving pace as the other forums, but I will lend a hand in some of the other forums as well.

Any experience at moderating:

No, I have not, but I do over look at what the duties of the other mods here on Tampa Racing and can see what I need to do.

What do you think the main job of a moderator is:

I think the main job of at moderator is to keep the drama at a minimum, clean up old, abandoned threads, Remove any spam, direct members to where they can find information about a certin product or troubleshooting. Lending a hand to members who need help, aswell as keeping things calm and in a good running order.

Why should you become a moderator:

I have been a registered member for a couple of years now, I have seen how this system works, and I feel that I can make a great attempt to keep this site running smoothly.

List users who do not like you:

As far as I know, no members have a problem with me. I am a very nice, informative, outgoing guy. Who is just here to help fellow members as well as this site.

I realize there may be no response to this post:

Yes, I realize this, and I am completely fine with that aspect. I'm just throwing the idea out there, that if this site needs any help, I would make a great canidate. Thank you.
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