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  1. tuning and dyno services for stock lancer
  2. Ryu's Evo IX 559whp/422wtq VD 93oct
  3. Miguel's Evo IX makes 667whp/601wtq Tuned by [email protected] Racing
  4. Pauls 04 Evo 8. Repaired, upgraded, and retuned. (pictures and dynograph inside)
  5. We received a long awaited delivery today at Judge racing....
  6. Evo VIII FP [email protected] [email protected] (Tuned by Ryu @ Judge Racing) *Video inside*
  7. Evo VIII FP Black 519whp 466wtq @34psi (Tuned by Ryu @ Judge Racing)
  8. Evo VIII stock [email protected] 93oct+meth 117mph Tuned by [email protected] Racing
  9. Evo VIII stock [email protected] 93oct+meth [email protected] Tuned by [email protected] Racing
  10. Judge Racing is now on Facebook
  11. Evo VIII Stock turbo dyno results (Tuned by Ryu @ Judge Racing)
  12. Judge Racing info:
  13. Judge racing porting service available!!!!
  14. Ryu's Evo IX build and progression
  15. Judge Racing?