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  1. For anyone going to Hot Import Nights type the code HOT in any promo code box
  2. Every 2nd Saturday We are having a free Breakfast in Tampa
  3. engine compartment
  4. Who do you know that will do a Carbon Fiber hood repair?
  5. Our sponser: Benjie's Civic EG / Tampa Bay Tuined
  6. Some more work 05/20/13
  7. Some recent work
  8. Doing work!
  9. Referal for Sharp Customs
  10. Thanx Marcus
  11. More recent work
  12. Recent work
  13. big ups to Marcus
  14. Thanx sharp
  15. Rims on the T-REX
  16. Couple pics of the BeaSSt!
  17. Tire mounting and balancing
  18. Import
  19. Domestic
  20. Motorcycle
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