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  1. Use promo code HOT for advance tickets HOT Import Nights Save $5 off! November 18, 20
  2. For anyone going to Hot Import Nights type the code HOT in any promo code box
  3. Every 2nd Saturday We are having a free Breakfast in Tampa
  4. D16z6 in 98 Ek need help plz!
  5. I fix broken honda ecu's!!
  6. Thanks NS Racing
  7. Help with mini me swap !!!!! Pleaseee!!!!
  8. My Car is in LIMP MODE!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!
  9. Invite:
  10. looking for stock k24 or k20 parts
  11. congrat's to NS racing 1st and 2nd place at import faceoff!
  12. COBB Tuning issue with 2004 STi - NEAL?
  13. Thanks once again NEAL NS RACING FTW
  14. Thanks Again Neal
  15. Hours of operation
  16. Neal
  17. Do you still build motors if not who does that you know of?
  18. Ns Racing
  19. Lookn for a tranny
  20. Thanks Neil
  21. A&s Racing B16a Valve Adjustment Thanks Neal :)
  22. It's alliiiiivvvee!!! Thanks again Neal!!!
  23. tune needed
  24. FS:chipped p72
  25. FS:chipped OBD0 PR3
  26. Big THANKS to Neal @ NS Racing!!!
  27. NS racing tuned all-motor GSR
  28. STICKY : tuning thankyou !
  29. I DO HOUSE CALLS!!!(greater Tampa Bay area)
  30. transmission rebuilds
  31. wiring conversion prices
  32. random pics thread
  33. Ecu Chipping AND Ecu's For Sale