Need Help With Install On Srt-4 Turbo Kit

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    Need Help With Install On Srt-4 Turbo Kit

    hey anyone who knows a good shop or knows how to install a turbo kit i need help and i will pay...but i would rather just ave some good advice for a nice shop..i have a ful upgrade with manifolds and all the hardware....its a 25g from hahn if anyones knows let me know thanks

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    I hear good things about Race Related all the time...but have no experience with any shops...I do all my own work...heh, swapping from the overbraced stock turbo to a hahn setup with the engine in the car will be a nightmare...even getting the turbo off with the engine out of the car wasnt easy...the hahn system will be much easier to install though(I know because I use a Hahn 20g on my car...although mine is an older 2.0L DOHC manifold and I run my return line to the pan rather than the block, its still nice and simple compared to stock)

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    i though they man a 16g or a 20g never new they made a 25g

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    Try Gulf Coast Turbo,they Do GreaT Work And They Only Do What You Ask They Dont Try To Talk You In To Something You Dont Want.

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    Race Related !!!!

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    another one for Race Related..... tell him NeonDan sent ya his way
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